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Our coalition works to stop violence by empowering public safety officials with crucial tools and information. We also help elect leaders who value the input of victims and support the smart use of public resources to deter violent crime.

Support the 'Help Find the Missing Act'

New York, Connecticut, and Tennessee have
already passed the 'Help Find the Missing' Act.
When a body is found, uncovering the person’s identity can take decades. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, is the U.S. Department of Justice program tasked with solving these cases. But there's no federal requirement that State coroners, medical examiners or law enforcement officials utilize the database.

As a result, solvable cases remain unsolved and families are left in the dark about the fate of their loved ones. In many instances, the failure to promptly identify bodies allows murderers to remain free long enough to victimize others.

Without federal legislation, states are tackling the issue on their own. New York, Connecticut, and Tennessee have passed the Help Find the Missing Act to aid in the search for missing persons. The new law requires police to enter all missing persons into a national database of the unidentified dead to improve the chances of matches between the two. The law also requires coroners and medical examiners to enter available DNA, fingerprints and dental information for any unidentified bodies that come through their offices.

Missing person advocates hope to make Missouri the fourth state in the nation to pass the Help Find the Missing Act.

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